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During the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia as the coordinating body will organize and support numerous events aimed at presenting the richness and variety of Croatian cultural heritage as part of the common European heritage mosaic. Promoting the protection, preservation and values of cultural heritage for the community as a whole will emphasize the importance of actively involving as many individuals, citizen associations and institutions as possible in all cultural heritage-related processes. A dozen of major events will be organized at national level, such as the International Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage in Europe today aimed at identifying key challenges and issues related to the protection of underwater cultural heritage, or the globally positioned International Conference The Best in Heritage, which will present unique influential projects in the cultural sector. Along with these media covered events, a large number of smaller, but equally valuable activities will be organised, such as workshops, presentations, professional tours, promotions, to be included in the calendar of the European Heritage Days, which are in complete synergy with the marking of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. 

#Ode2Joy Challenge

This video showcases a few contributions to the #Ode2Joy challenge:

Ringing bells across Europe for the International Day of Peace
on 21 September in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Closing ceremony of the International Conference „The Best in Heritage 2018”
The 2018 EESC civil society prize: Identities, European Values and Cultural Heritage in Europe
Cultural Heritage for the Future of Europe: Call issued at Berlin Summit
Bijela, Benedictine Monastery of St. Margaret
Encounter in the Gardens 2018 / Rendez-vous aux jardins 2018
Minister of Culture congratulates the Sinjska alka Museum on the Europa Nostra Award
Evening dance concert of the LADO ENSEMBLE - IDEJU REGRUTI
Exhibition „Book Art in Croatia“ in the National and University Library in Ljubljana
Fortified Cities, Open Societies
Opening of the Exhibition "Europa Nostra: Sharing Heritage – Sharing Values"