70 years of systematic conservation and restoration activities in Croatia

70 years of systematic conservation and restoration activities in Croatia

On the occasion of marking the 70th anniversary of conservation and restoration activity, the Croatian Conservation Institute presented its work with the exhibition "The Secret Life of Heritage", opened by envoy of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Minister of Culture Nina Obuljen Koržinek on Tuesday, 4 December 2018 at the Museum of Art and Crafts.

With this exhibition as well as numerous events and activities carried out during the year, the Croatian Conservation Institute joined the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage with the aim of encouraging the wider public to become more involved in the preservation of cultural heritage. The exhibition was organised by the Croatian Conservation Institute under the auspices of President of the Republic Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Pointing out that it was "a good coincidence to have a respectable 70th anniversary of institutionalized conservation and restoration activity and its holder - the Croatian Conservation Institute - in the year proclaimed European Year of Cultural Heritage", the minister said that "with its mission, vision and the values it affirms, the Institute also articulates the fundamental postulates and objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage."

The Minister added that "it can rightly be stated that through its work in the past 70 years the Croatian Conservation Institute has significantly contributed to fulfilling the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in terms of protection, preservation and caring about cultural heritage, scientific research and the development of new skills necessary for adequate care", said the Minister.

The Institute completes the rich programme of marking the European Year of Cultural Heritage with the exhibition "The Secret Life of Heritage" through which visitors, including the youngest ones, can learn in an instructive and interactive way the most diverse activities and features of the Institute, often inaccessible to the public.

Extending to all the employees and associates of the Institute her cordial congratulations, the Minister said that cultural heritage was a collective memory that connects us to the past and ensures the way to the future, reminding of the value of conservation and restoration works on immovable cultural heritage damaged in the Homeland War, which has been restored by the Croatian Conservation Institute.

In order to bring conservation and restoration activities closer to the visitors, the basic concepts were clarified with visual materials, and apart from pictorial examples of walking through a maze, the setup of the exhibition revealed the daily work of the staff of the Institute. Since all the researched and restored cultural heritage is located in the original places, museums, galleries or treasuries, the exhibition visually shows the cultural goods before and after the works.