<em>Orgulje Heferer - Festival of organ music (22 July - 21 December 2018)</em>

Orgulje Heferer - Festival of organ music (22 July - 21 December 2018)

/The first Croatian builders of organs, harmoniums and pianos established in 1849

“(. . .) For the development of organ-building in Croatia, the Heferer Art Workshop or “The First Builders of Organs, Pianos and Harmoniums” founded in Graz by Michael Heferer (1825-1887), deserves the utmost credit. The company began operations in Croatia in 1868, primarily in Karlovac, and from 1870 to the present has been based in Zagreb. After Michael Heferer, there have been four generations of the Heferer family to date: Ferdo Heferer (Graz, 1853 –Zagreb, 1928), August Faulend Heferer (Graz, 1881 –Zagreb, 1944), Ivan Faulend Heferer (Zagreb, 1927), August Faulend Heferer (Zagreb, 1951) and Tomislav Faulend Heferer (Zagreb 1969). The Heferer Workshop has built 263 organs across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Austria, with 18 of them in Zagreb churches alone, and 29 more organs in the vicinity of Zagreb.

In 1994, the Heferer Art Workshop, in collaboration with Zagreb Concert Management, launched a series of organ music concerts titled “Heferer Organ” throughout Croatia played on organs that the Heferer Workshop has renewed. With that, the Heferer company, as a “dynasty of noble organ sound”, revives the rich Croatian organ building heritage at the end of each spring, presenting to the musical public, both domestic and international, an unforgettable experience of the magnificent and gorgeous sounds of the “queen of instruments”.”

– Msgr. Dr. Juraj Kolarić

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