<em>National conference marking the European Year of Cultural Heritage - 2018</em>

National conference marking the European Year of Cultural Heritage - 2018

The Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency to mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage
21 February 2018, Zagreb, State Archives
The Education and Teacher Training Agency will mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage with a national conference on 21 February 2018, in Zagreb (State Archives, Marulić Square 21). The conference will focus on the wealth and diversity of Croatian cultural heritage as part of the common European heritage mosaic.

The conference will feature speakers from diverse  fields; such as literature, architecture, film, music, history of art and theatre, physical geography and new technologies. Their insights are relevant both in terms of theory and practice as they explore the issue of cultural heritage and examine it as part of our contemporary world. Mr Dean Duda will explore the definition of culture and selective tradition. Ms Sibila Petlevski will update us on the contribution of creative pedagogy and its innovative methodologies used in research and preservation of cultural heritage. Mr Dino Milinović will reflect on the cultural heritage as the cornerstone of identity and tourism while Mr Nikica Gilić will give a lecture on the importance of Croatian film heritage in the 21st century. Mr Predrag Pale will address the issue of whether cultural heritage should be seen as a cost or as an investment. Mr Tvrtko Zebec will discuss heritage from the perspective of ethnomusicology.

By putting the spotlight on cultural heritage, the Education and Teacher Training Agency aims to raise awareness among educational professionals of the role that cultural heritage has in building a stronger society, job-creating  and its contributions to  progress, as well as of its importance for our relations with the rest of the world. The conference aims to highlight all the steps that may be taken to protect cultural heritage and incorporate it into our everyday lives. The conference will boast 200 participants including class teachers, all subject teachers, expert associates, educational staff and elementary and secondary school leaders in the Republic of Croatia .