<em>First International Museum Hackathlon: Hack the ethnographic photo heritage!</em>

First International Museum Hackathlon: Hack the ethnographic photo heritage!

Ethnographic museum
Trg Mažuranića 14
10000 Zagreb
In 2018 the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb will organize the first International Museum Hackathlon1 in Croatia under the title: Hack Ethnographic Photo Heritage! for citizens, IT fans - students, designers, creative entrepreneurs who will compete in developing a software solution, a user interface, and in technical implementation of the designed solution of the Ethnographic Museum new permanent display.

This project aims at promoting ethnographic cultural heritage as a source of inspiration for contemporary creativity and innovation and at strengthening the interaction between museums and other cultural and creative sectors. This project will have a lasting impact and sustainability even after its completion, since the project results will be presented in part of the Museum new permanent display, while the participants will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative way in creating part of the Ethnographic Museum permanent display.

Participation in the competition is voluntary and the registered competitors will not pay any registration fee. As part of the competition, a programmer solution will be developed in cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum and associates from the ICT sector. The main idea will be presented in the first part of the hackathlon, when experts from Helsinki will present their experiences, while experts from Zagreb will present the project main idea with the help of ICT experts. Participants will be familiarised with the ethnological, historical and aesthetic values of the museum collection of photographs and archive films and will be incited to create innovative solutions in "hacking" the contents of rich photographic heritage preserved in the holdings of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb.

Once they have finalised the programmer solution, the competitors will present and demonstrate their solutions. The final solutions, which will be awarded, will be evaluated by a jury appointed by the organizer. The project will give young people the opportunity to better understand the value of rich ethnographic heritage and raise awareness on the importance of its preservation for future generations through a proper presentation.

Through active citizen participation, the Hackathlon will help create the new permanent display of the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb in an innovative way and present its rich holdings in a completely new and interesting way. Our users will be given the possibility of direct learning through active participation, of acquiring new knowledge and experiences, of working in an interesting museum environment with an interdisciplinary team of professionals and of increasing their employability.
With this project, the Ethnographic Museum in Zagreb joins in an innovative way the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 in Croatia.

You can read more about the project on the museum page: http://www.emz.hr/

[1] Hackathon, a combination of two words ”hack” and ”marathon”, is a fun programmer marathon and an innovative opportunity  for the participants to show their knowledge and resourcefulness by working together and create new user contents in which the experience of man's day-to-day life in the past will be deepened by making interesting applications and virtual environments .