<em>National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO</em>

National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO

Evening dance concert of the LADO ENSEMBLE - IDEJU REGRUTI
13 May 19.30 hours

With the programme Ideju regruti and birthday concerts to be held in November the LADO Ensemble has joined the programme of celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
„Continuing with the practice initiated last year, the LADO Ensemble is setting up new choreographies awarded at domestic or foreign festivals. Out of twelve choreographies, up to three present fragments of customs related to young men enlisting in the army, which affected the choice of name of this year programme. It consists of the choreography Ideju regruti by Sc.D. Ivan Ivančan after which this year programme was named, Za gorami, dolinami by author Stjepan Perk bringing into the repertoire of Lado  for the first time the dances of Moravian Croats, and Simo hote mladenci, a choreography showing nuptial customs of Turopolje in which  a dance for the parta  or bridal veil was performed, in which young men demonstrated their  swordsmanship“, said artistic director of the LADO Ensemble Andrija Ivančan.

Along with the aforementioned dances of Croats living on the territory of today's Czech Republic, in this programme LADO will for the first time present the dances and songs of the Island of Cres and of Jezera on the Island of Murter.
Tickets for the concert in the Lisinski hall at 80, 100 and 120 Kuna, are available at the box office of the Lisinski hall or via www.ulaznice.hr. Pupils, students, pensioners, disabled persons and members of cultural and artistic associations will enjoy a discount of 20 % on the price when buying tickets at the Lisinski hall box office

Annual concert Anthology II /Antologija II. /

The LADO Ensemble holds its regular annual concert in November. The concept of the Lado evening concert in 2018 would be to show and present protected cultural goods inscribed in the Register of Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia and on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

LADO has incorporated in its programme songs, dances and customs of Croatia inscribed on those lists and adapted them for stage performance. On that occasion, a programme named Anthology II
/ Antologija II/ containing some of the most popular choreographies of the LADO Ensemble will be performed.

FOTO: Marko Mrše

FOTO: Marko Mrše